Global Marketplace
for Distressed
and Illiquid Assets.

Soteria is an AI-driven exchange platform
for qualified sellers and buyers to transact illiquid assets

Discreet Connection
Soteria brings together buyers and sellers of illiquid loans on a secure platform. Our unique algorithm allows sellers of illiquid assets to reach a wide network of relevant buyers faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Buyers don’t need to spend time on screening deals that aren’t relevant or be exposed to deals they are unlikely to pursue, while sellers can control which trusted buyers have access and adjust the extent of disclosure to the level of seriousness of the buyer.

Manage confidential information and track your bids and offers all in one place, eliminating error prone emails.

Relevant Deal flow

Soteria helps banks and financial institutions to achieve maximum value from bad loans and other illiquid assets, by introducing them discreetly to buyers who are the most likely to close a deal with respect to any illiquid asset and within the relevant timeframe.

Soteria automates and facilitates the process of trading loans and distressed assets to streamline and improve the pace of the sale process. More quality deal-flow with less effort; Soteria allows you to dedicate your time to relevant opportunities and meaningful business in addition to your contacts and relationships.

For buyers of illiquid assets, our platform offers quality deal-flow while reducing the efforts and costs that have been historically associated with sourcing such deals. Our unique search engines guide you to new opportunities within the framework of your requirements and capabilities. Just define what you want, and off we go using the latest power of analytics and artificial intelligence.

Soteria provides you with the most advanced corporate finance tools to help you make the right choices, gain efficiency and maximize value.

Data Analytics

Whether you deal with performing, non-performing, liquid, or illiquid loans, need spreading or underwriting platforms, solid risk rating, stress testing tools, or want to have benchmarks and challenger models for your internal portfolio - Soteria is the right choice.

Soteria provides you with unique insights into your portfolio and market trends to enhance your decision-making process and optimize risk and performance. Trading illiquid assets? Soteria will provide you with benchmarks for the pricing of those assets.

In addition to performing peer-to-peer analysis, our proprietary valuation tools allow you to accurately, consistently, and efficiently evaluate credit risk for private firms and specific loans.

Soteria marketplace is suitable for all institutions that have exposure
to privately held firms or interested investors.

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